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In just seven weeks, your LGA could be kicking placemaking goals using our latest innovation – The Agile Placemaking System.


Benefit from our experience...

We provide:

  • Training in how to use the system

  • All the tools you need

  • Mentorship to help you master the system

  • Ongoing support.


From just $3980 per makeover​

How it works

Over the course of 7 weeks, we will walk you through five phases of the program, including your first community-driven makeover, and an evaluation of the outcomes.

You will be part of a cohort of LGAs all learning the process at the same time, meaning you won't be alone in learning this new system.


At each of the five mentoring sessions, we will give you one or two tasks to complete, and you will report back on the previous tasks. This will help you stay on track and not get bogged down in endless talk.

Your first makeover will be a mini-version of our 7 Day Makeover. You can then ramp up the size of your makeovers as you gain more experience. 

  You will be part of our learning community!   

What you get in the package

  • Implementation Manual.

  • Five Mentoring Sessions.

  • Membership in our learning community.

  • Help in setting up 'What is Allowed' document - essential for agile community-driven placemaking.

  • Comprehensive training for all participant in the art of placemaking. (All participants have access to the ebook The Agile Placemaking System).

  • Audit Tool - Helps you identify where you can get some quick wins that will have the biggest impact.

  • Ideas Generation Tool - helps you think outside the box about the most effective use of your resources.

  • Project Management Tools - the same one's we use for our 7 Day Makeovers.

  • Evaluation Tool - how can you make the next makeover even better?


  Starting at just $3890 per makeover

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to do our first makeover?

Everything you need to facilitate your first makeover (including mentoring) will cost $3,890. In addition, you will need to have a budget for materials, which for your first makeover can be $1,000 - $5,000.

What is the 'learning community'?

Because you will be part of a cohort of LGAs using the system, we will be problem-solving and improving the system together. While this system is an adaption of our 7 Day Makeover (which took us 30 years to evolve) we believe that any system can always be improved. 

Do we get to test the system?

Yes! Your first makeover is a test-run. We highly recommend that this be kept very small - no more than three LGA staff and five community leaders (residents or retailers). You can then start ramping up the size of your makeovers.

How long will our first makeover be?

The actual makeover will only be 1-3 days. The rest of the 7 weeks is preparation and evaluation.


Your first makeover may be as simple as painting a couple of bench seats and putting cushions on them. Your goal is to make the space feel more homely. We will help you identify opportunities for doing this.

Don't make these mistakes!

Engage in endless consultation:

Our system is based on informed community doing not community consultation - which too often results in endless talk and unaffordable wish lists.

Try to invent your own system:

It has taken us 30 years of failures and successes to evolve the systems you are about to trial.


Do it under existing regulations:

It is impossible to do agile community-based placemaking under your existing regulatory regime. You will simply get bogged down in process. We will help you move to the 'permissions approach' (which took us six months to create with the first LGA).

Employ a consultant:

Don't spend a bomb on a glossy report full of unaffordable wishes, and see nothing happen for years (if ever). See your first changes on the ground in seven weeks for a very small investment. We have seen entire towns rejuvenate using our incremental, agile approach. 

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