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A demonstration of using private land for public good

A book library that is part of Civosity Park
David Engwicht's front yard before makeover
David Engwicht making over the front yard

In 2005, David Engwicht tore down his front fence and began creating a neighbourhood park

David Engwicht's front yard after makeover

The latest chapter

See the amazing Street Stump Cubby and hear about our latest crowd funding campaign

Some work since the video...

A sculpture by David Engwicht which is part of Civosity Park
A fence mural in Civosity Park
Civosity Park was featured on Gardening Australia TV show

Civosity Park was recently featured on ABC TV Gardening Australia

Civility and Generosity

Civosity Park is a combination of civility and generosity - a place where people of all ages come to play, relax, converse and be inspired.

A grandmother has afternoon tea with granddaughters in Civosity Park
People gather in Civosity Park

Come visit Civosity Park

7 Fletcher Parade,

Bardon Qld., 4065 

Open 7 days

5am - Midnight

Bring food and drink.