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Traffic speed in neighbourhoods is determined, to a large extent, by the degree to which residents have retreated from their street


When children played in the street, and adults used it as part of their socialising space, people drove slower.

How street activity encourages motorists to drive slower
Permission Slip: Please drive faster in our street

When the first parent told their child not to play in the roadway, they didn't realise they were inviting motorists to drive faster.

Setting up a vicious cycle...

When the motorists accepted the invitation, residents retreated even further, setting up a vicious cycle. 

The vicious cycle that encourages traffic to drive faster
Fences that encourage people to drive faster

High fences is part of the retreat

'Traffic Calming' is not the answer

'Traffic Calming' is counter-productive, making drivers angrier, not calmer. It does not address the root cause... the retreat from the street.

The simplest and cheapest way to slow traffic is to start a positive cycle of reclaiming the street for social activity and community building.


Reclaiming your street for social activity acts as a mental speed bump

children playing in the street
The positive cycle that encourages traffic to go slower

Street Relcaiming

Street Reclaiming tells the story of how we lost our streets to traffic, and how we can reclaim them once more.

Simple techniques for building welcoming neighbourhoods.

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The Street Reclaiming book
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