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How to reduce traffic speeds and build a stronger sense of community in your street

Neighbours sharing and creating a better neighbourhood


Traffic Calming is seen by many neighbourhoods as the solution to the problem of traffic speeding in their street and eroding their sense of place.


But does it really work?


Is there a far better solution that residents can implement themselves, immediately, and without needing to jump through hoops? 



It is absolutely possible to reclaim your street from traffic, and begin using it again to build a stronger sense of community and place.

In fact, you will be surprised at how easy it is, and how you can get started immediately, without waiting for local government to do it for you!

Kids playing in the street


Civosity Park, Bardon, Australia

David has long argued that what people do with their private land has more impact on the vitality of neighbourhoods than anything local government can do.

So he practiced what he preached and turned his entire yard into a public park.

See how this piece of practical placemaking has transformed his neighbourhood. 

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