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Get cutting-edge insights into the art of turning dead spaces into vibrant public places

David Engwicht

Master story-teller and communicator

Exploring Possibilities for Your Town Centre Workshop

This workshop includes a walk through your Town Centre, with David exploring the possibilities of what could be achieved in as little as seven days.

Be amazed at how simple it is to bring spaces to life.

Learn why too much planning and community engagement is killing our public spaces. 

A walk through a town centre exploring possibilities

$4,300 within Australia

Keynotes & Workshops

David Engwicht at international conference in the Netherlands

Two hours to full day


For conferences, local government, work-teams, industry associations, businesses, etc.


  • Placemaking on a shoestring budget

  • Five reasons community consultation should be banned

  • Why masterplanning is killing public places: the secrets of agile planning

  • Is placemaking just another design fad?

$2.5K - $22K

Watch David's TEDx talk

Over 50,000 views

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