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Simply reclaiming your street for social activity calms the traffic and builds a more welcoming neighbourhood


children playing in the street
Neighbours get together for a footpath party

Start with a simple footpath party and discuss how you can begin to bring your street alive.

Don't close your street to traffic. Welcome drivers.

A simple experiment...

Wave hello to the drivers travelling down your street.


Notice how they slow down?

You can't expect people to act as a guest if you treat them like an enemy.

Serve them coffee and cake and see how they respond! Seriously.

Residents waving at motorists as they drive down their street

Join me in tearing down the fences!

Let's start a movement of using private land to build welcoming neighbourhoods!

I've taken the lead and turned my entire yard into a public park.

Civosity Park, Brisbane, Australia
Street Reclaiming book

Reclaim your street

Street Reclaiming tells the story of how we lost our streets to traffic, and how we can reclaim them once more.

Simple techniques for building welcoming neighbourhoods.

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